Thursday, April 7, 2011

Music Makes the Time Fly By

I've always been curious about the people who don't listen to music when they run, lift, or otherwise exercise.  Maybe they just listen to everything going on around them and think?  I guess I can't do that because I prefer to run in the city and there's too much traffic noise that I'd rather ignore.  My boyfriend was that way for a while, so I got him an iPod. He couldn't figure out how he did it either after having it for a while. 

I like to consider myself a fair weather runner; I don't run outside if its really cold, rainy, and especially if its snowing.  Particularly because these things inhibit me bringing my iPod with me (original Nano, compliments of my alma mater). 

I've always loved music, however, I don't consider myself a music snob- I like pop and top 40's as well as other music.  I just enjoy listening to it, which is probably why I was in band from 4th grade (ok, well that was orchestra) through graduation of high school.  In fact, I'm listening to some while writing this.  I'd rather have music on in the background than the television.  

So you can imagine my excitement when Fitness Magazine sent me an email about a half marathon playlist they created in conjunction with 
Motion Traxx.  I'm constantly updating my workout playlist with suggestions from websites and new music that I hear.  I personally enjoy anything that has a fast enough tempo for running that keeps me motivated and the half marathon mix has quickly launched its way to my number 1 go to track.  Its upbeat and has a voice over narrator to keep you motivated and on track.  To run a 2:15 half marathon you just need to play through this mix twice and you'll be right on pace.  I've only run with it a few times, but I know when I start to slow down a little and walk its a quick turn around to me running again! Which is exactly what I need, especially since I don't run with anyone else.  (My roommate is about 10 inches shorter than me, we cannot run together or we would.)

So what does everyone else run to?  I always love hearing what others use to keep them motivated.  


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